This is what I said



Barbara said
There are two sayings that are not related to this daily book This is the reason why he was in a state of confusion, as he said in the text of 9: “No jokes and jokes.” This is a bad thing. He has a bad Kurdish language. He was a black man, because he was black and his wife was talking about him. I ran over to Kurd
And this is it
That's why he said, "It's a bad thing for a long time." He has two brothers.
He is a traitor to him, he is a traitor to him, and he is a traitor to him, and he is lying in wait for a long time Khawīn and hīrūha, he said, “kṣṭūḥ būn bḥnḥy dāl,” and he said, “hārī hīh bḥ.” He is the one who is the best friend and he is the one with the carbs. I will be a tranquility of this I would like it to be, and I have two sons. Manaldan, this is an easy way, it is easy for it to be, Zanian, it is a time. He was given to him. Tawaya He has no words and no words for him.


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