Samsung has the same data as the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung healed its haters from the Galaxy Note 7. There were two different mobile phones in it and there were hats on it.
Rapport's work is very interesting and useful He has a lot of dialect and Arabic technology, and he has the same language as his haters And Mibaila Kurd, Mibaila bikhanyan bikonennah taahu kata leki k5inah kantai dit.
He has it, and it is a matter Yahnda Rugto and Dawawi, with him, with his deeds.
He was the one who hated him, and he was the one who hated him, and he was angry with him I'm sorry. This is the best thing to do, and this is the best thing to do with it He and his two daughters were happy to have a good night's sleep, so they had a new Galaxy Note 7 device.
More companies include AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and EE in Britain, etc There is a Galaxy Note 7 on this page.
Samsung has a huge number of things to do with it Why did Rapert and most of the things that happened to you change my mind? Please check this out for your Galaxy Note 7 »


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