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Peace be upon you
He had a bad idea. He had something wrong with him.
God of War Ascension: What are you waiting for?
His time is now here, English: English
iso: Save the file history
. Here is
what you want to see: 1
Storage capacity: 34 gigabytes and 8 megabytes
Information: This is the last thing you need to talk about. 16 times
Some time ago, they brought him to
Santa Monica studio. A long time ago,
there was a YouTube click for him and he finished it.
You've made me crazy, what's wrong with this setting?
What's the point?
You asked me to find out where it was on the computer.
You left me with a computer program.
This is what he wants, and he has a bad temper.
Aamada Kurdish Boulbouli Dehnengkhish
What's wrong with me?


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