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There is no need to leave a phone number on your phone or tablet on your phone. What is the point of
presenting partners here? of the Kurdish language: A
new word on the CV:

I want to know
Age: 2017
Address: Shuini Danistan
E-mail address: Email
Mobile number: +964 Mobile phone
Country: Iraq- Kurdistan region
Nationality: Kurdish, City: What is the status of this country? Nick

Career objective:
• They have nothing to do with it, what is the best way to do it?

How much money is there in your card?
Computer skills:
How to use a computer to make

Language skills:
Your time is like this and your time is forbidden.

Personal hobbies:
What happened to you?

What's the matter with you and what's happening in Beijing?
Ned Ben:
Zanyari is the largest city center in the countryside of the city


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