He was very proud of his people.

1- Nawi (Muhammad) Nawi Bawki (Abdullah) and Nawi Babiri (Abdul Mutalab) have the ignorance of his fornication (Abu al-Qasim)
2-Nawy Daiki (Amenah) or Kashi (Wahhab) is the one where you can see how strong it is.
3-He has a daiqui boubauki and a Kurdo phone.
4- He has (12) Mangi (Rabi’ al-Awwal) for him (521) and Zaini Nasraw Bahsali has entered Makkah for Mali (Abu Talib) for Hidayek Buwah .
5. (Eum Ehimeen) 3- (Suhayba) 4- (Halima Saadia) Billam Lah Ha Moyan Zayater ( Halima Saadia) Buh.
6- Tahmani
7-Tahmahani Hasht Sal Bu Baperi and Hafati Kurdou Chuh Lay Mami (Abutaleb)
8- He told me (12) I asked my ignorant mother (Abu Talab) what was wrong with him My mother's mother is like a priestess in this world. And this is the most beautiful thing in the world ێet.
9- He has a name for me (25) Salida Hanawi Nawi Khazani (Khadija) Buu (may God be pleased with her)
10-Say Kouhi Haboo 1-(Qasim) 2-(Abdullah) Naznawi (Taherutayeb) Boo 3-(Ibrahim) Haharsikian Bah Mandali has a very strange voice.
11- What’s next: 1- (Zainab) 2- (Ruqiya) 3- (Umm Kulthum) 4- (Fatima)
12- Mami’s poems are: 1- Imami (Hamza) 2- Imami (Abbas) 3- (Abu Talib) 4- (Abu Lahab) 5- (Harith) 6- (Zubair) 7- (Abdul Kaaba) 8- (Mouqwam) - (Qutham) 10-(Hajal) 11-(Dirar) 12(Ghadaq). With the blame of the insults of Imami (Hamza) and Imami (Abbas) Musulman Bon
13- Sheh Puri Ha Haboo Khushki Baouk: 1- (Safiyya) 2-(Atika) 3-(Aruwa) 4-(Uumima) 5-(Barara) 6-(Bayda (Umm Hakim) with a word that is congratulated by Saifa Musalman Buu.
14-By Him (the Truthful and the Trustworthy) He was the one who ran over his head and banged his fist.
15- He has a name (40) and he has a share in the city of Shakkawti (Hira) and he has a name (17). It's amazing and it's amazing.
16- (3) He asked me to say “Islamic words” and “thank you” in response.
17 She asked me (10) to tell me what was wrong with her (the year of sadness) when Abu Talib and (Khadija) came running to him and asked him what (Taif) was like. Yes, Islam.
18-(1) He asked (3) He did not have anything to do with it. (The Night Journey) (The Night Journey and Mi'raj) This is the most important thing in the world.
19-(13) The Shari (Mahdina) asked him what he wanted to know about what happened to him (Mahdina)
20-(1) During the month of Muharram, the evening prayer (of Muharram).
21- He asked (2) for this reason (17) for the sake of Allah and for him (17) of his sons and daughters (1000). ) lakhs.
22-His prayers (3) are the same (15) and (Shawwal) is the month of Ramadan. Musulmanah Kanish (700) lakhs in Kafr Kanesh (3) Hazar.
23- He has asked (5) and he has had (15) and he has lost (Shawwal) Ghazai (Al-Ahzab) and this is a disbelief (10) that is why he is here until the end of the month Yes.
(Hadiya settlement)
26- Bigh Imabhar (d.kh) has (27) letters and (47) letters and (47) letters. .
27- This is a very large, expensive, and expensive car He was happy with his greetings and greetings from his friends and family.
28-Him, I have it. 12-Nanm and Nian 13- Bahbah, 14-Bhahouhi 15- Betrayal and betrayal.
29- What is the meaning of my opinion? (23) Salboo.
30- He has a prayer (11) and he has a son (12) and (Rabi’ al-Awwal) he has a shower This is the most important thing in the world Lat and Sahlam He was crying loudly (d.kh) at home.
He has good reasons for his life.

He has lost his temper


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