With a video with clear evidence of this (Arab game) that is the secret of Kurdistan.


What is the meaning of Kurdistan?

This hormone is a video for you.

And Kurdistan has 5 days to come.


Politics of Hokumrani. Democracy
and other issues. Saud Mustafa Barzanieh.
Yes and 5.
This is the best way to go, this is what you need to do with it .

In the past, it was called Kurdish, and the Kurdistan region came to have a Kurdish
language. And he (Turkman, Arab, Chaldean, Assyrian. Heter.. a bribery and dahat.
No, Kanzakan. گه تگوزیر. And the
of Kurdistan has a study that has 5 and 5 has come to me its

early days and
that. Turk
a blessing and Iran has its opinions.

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