IP = Internet Protocol



(IP = Internet Protocol)

where you connect to the Internet and the phone is connected to the Internet
E.P. You have a good heart
_____. _____. _____. _____


It was in 5 chapters (Class) with a few bells and a noise:

Class A 1-126
Class B 128-191
Class C 192-223
Class D 224-239
Class E 240-254

As for the people of Benin.
This is what you say:
There is a class in it,
and it is the best place to go to
the class This is a basic dance.
He betrayed me and returned to the end of two German books (7) and (252) in Benin.
There is a lot of growth in this category .

Class A:
Class B:
Class C: 223.223. 223.254
Class D:
Class E: 254.1. 10.100

On a black Hawaiian road


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