PDF Reader Xap به‌رنامه‌ بۆ ویندۆزفۆن لۆمیا


بۆ ویندۆز فۆن

Download size – 4 MB

Version – 1.3.1

بۆ وه‌رگرتنی كلیك له‌سه‌ر داونلۆد بكه‌ن



PDF Reader is a free app for viewing and interacting with PDF documents on Windows Phone 8. This app supports a wide variety of PDF file types.
With this app you will be able to:
• Quickly open PDF files.
• Bookmark pages and jump back to the bookmark from anywhere in the document.
• Easily zoom in for a closer view.
• Search text to find specific information.
• View documents one page at a time or by scrolling continuously.
• Resume reading the document from the place you left it last time.
PDF Reader v1.1 improvements:
· Ability to view and manage the list of previously opened PDF files.
· Ability to share PDF documents with others from the app by using your OneDrive account.
· Support for encrypted PDF files that are password-protected.
· Support for read-only PDF files.
PDF Reader v1.2 improvements:
· Ability to open more types of PDF files
· Better rotation and rendering of files
· Increased stability and performance
PDF Reader v1.3 improvements:


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