Old School Racer Xap یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن

Version –

Windows Phone 8.1 , 8, 7.5, 7

Size – 19 MB

old school2 of 83 of 84 of 85 of 8

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Experience mind bending gravity effects as you race upside down and find yourself weightless in anti-gravity fields. Find yourself flying through the air with some incredible jumps, hopping over lava on unstable rocks, negotiating precarious moving and rotating platforms, racing laps around some of the wacky planetoid levels, slipping and sliding in the treacherously icy winter levels and much more…

Old School Racer contains 30 completely unique levels and 6 mini games. Many levels have alternative routes and finding these can boost your fastest times as well as reveal tokens for faster bikes.

V 1.1
• Improvements to leaderboards.
• Bug fixes.

V 1.2
• Improvements to leaderboards.
• Fixed major bug with handling, it should now be possible to do wheelies.
• General bug fixes.



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