Zaniyari Gashti

Zaniyari Gashti



Zaniyari Gashti

He came and found a strong relief for him. I was afraid and lost my mind How do you study Nakeret? And: I have a lungful and a cherry cup so I can have sex.

How are you doing? And:Kazi-Nightrazh

C: Are you allowed to have a warm house? And: a hundred reasons

What do you think about it? And: Karaham Bell

Is it possible for you to have a Danish intention? And: Giraffe, Junka, Danka, Zayna

How much radio is there? And: Nawi Jamarakoni Bu

C: What a reward to you for having a presidential award, do you think? And: Waraj

What is the price for the dog? And: Kazi-Nyunha

Henkoin tak khayraki ka tik nait

Where is there Internet? And: He came to see the neighborhood, Jehani.

Should I buy a liter of wine or wine tin for Katie? And - 130: To seek the return of his sisters

What kind of drug do you want as a joint medicine? And: Abu Bakr al-Razi committed adultery with Abu 0.

Ayah Dazani Takikardanoh Selmandoyan Ko Foy Ras He has a mouth, he has lost his mind, and he is waiting for his hysteria

Did you have a visit to the airport? And: Salana - 40 million jarlidads

Hey, I have to him, and I will be his mother. This is a matter

He asked your neighbor, a bastard, who had committed adultery with his head. Where are you? And: 36 Ask your neighbor

Why are we having sex? And: I have a lung and in his john, this is the universe that Tie Nietzsche was like, and here are people. Dadat

Aya Dazhani Hindik Jar Baran Dabarit Blam Naibin It's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot

Amara Marishak has a jihanda zayatra for him Amara Marouf

Is this the end of a karaoke lesson by Ramank Debenreit? And: Shura-Jane-

He has 12 million boxes, which he has removed Masulka, Dhamar, and Hammou Indamakani left for Shashda.

She is like a woman who has been on the internet for a long time. She started to have fear.

He has a konkhi role Nakhoytuh Mafhar Babipat

Hey, I will be in his hands He was the same as Burn Burin, Hahsar, I have a family of his mother, and he will give him a woman, and I will visit him.

May God protect you Now I'm waiting for something like this

Hey, he has a kik, he has Zeniani, Jorani, Rarate

Joynnie Benicht, my story It is his mother

If you want to eat it, you need to eat it

Dhina, I have a goodness for him

He has a literal meaning that he can use to make a fool of himself.

Good luck to him, Drost Dekrit, Nik Kagze

It's a problem, it's a problem, it's a joke, it's a joke

Natwanite stool Suhaira Asman Bekat



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