Need for Speed Undercover PC full game

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Need for Speed Undercover PC full game

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Need for Speed Undercover PC full game




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About the Game:

Undercover features a new open world map (like the Midnight Club series) consisting of 109 miles (175 km) of road and a large highway system,
making it the largest Need for Speed “world” EA has created so far.
The police system is similar to Most Wanted and Carbon.
Unlike previous games, the type of police that appear is not entirely dependent on heat levels (i.e. high level police can appear at low heat levels and vice versa) but more on the player’s wheelman level (i.e. progress through the game).
A damage system returns to Undercover, but differs from the prior title ProStreet in that the damage is only cosmetic and does not adversely affect performance
The customization of cars is similar to Need for Speed: ProStreet but has been enhanced on the level of graphics and detail.
The player can gain wheelman (i.e. reputation) points as they progress through the game’s story by participating in missions, winning races or performing flashy maneuvers in a police chase…..



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CPU: Core i7 یان i5 یان i3 یان i2
Graphics:  1GB
How to install:
After download is done:
– open part1
– choose location ,
– click install ,
– wait until is done
– play game from desktop shortcut.

Need for Speed Undercover PC full game

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Size: 4 GB


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Need for Speed Undercover PC full game

Need for Speed Undercover PC full game


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