What kind of chemistry do you need to know?

This is the best place for you to stay in your home.
He gave him a house. 
Why don't you forget your computer device?
This is the most common computer in the world.
Hey, Aram, and he's got a lot of money.

This is the most important thing in Danraon.
Hermo Sahrdani Bekah...
1-  Daiki Bird: Asus P4PE
2-  Pentium 4  2.4Ghz : Wizard
٣- Why don't you like it? 
4- Memory: 512 MB DDRAM
5- Hardisk: 80 GB
٦- DVD
7- Graphic card type : AGP
٨- The screen cracked
9-  Keyboard + mouse
Istash said they were going to kill him and finish him...
What do you think about this matter?
Mimi Tawaheya…
Dawaa Ehwah Dahramaneh Saharkhest. Is there anything I can do with my son?
He's a little nervous about it, and he's a little nervous
He replied with an Arabic message and said, "CPO FAN " ...
What is the meaning of the word { memory }
He replied to him and said, "How did you go about this matter?"
And now I've been waiting for my mother alone and I'm so tired...
Medication for this disease
This is the best place to eat a cup...
This what happened to me and Aram Daybani.
Make your cup delicious...
She ran into a girl who was waiting for her to wear something with a smell.
Yes, popcorn between you and your family .
I it so much...
گهیانضینیو بیسمتییه میریکانییینید…
What wrong with you ?
Zersobas beh kak (tahah))


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