The Maze Runner یاری بۆ ئه‌ندرۆید

Requires Android – 4.0 and up

Size – 48M

Current Version – 1.7.1

Developer – 3Logic



The Ancient Gods choose one guy from the Earth, and they teleport him into a new dimension totally different from our world. The Gods are having fun by putting the chosen one into different mazes, and force him into collecting 6 magic keys that will open a portal to teleport him into another stage. The stages are not easy because danger is lurking around every corner. You need to survive and to do that you have to use your skills and intelligence to complete all of the levels.

Good Luck!

Minimum required: -CPU: Dual core 1.2 GHZ
-512 RAM







له‌وانه‌یه‌ ئاره‌زووی سه‌ردانی ئه‌م بابه‌تانه‌ش بكه‌ی!