City Racing 3D Xap یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن

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Windows Phone 8.1, 8.0

Size – 37 mb

City Racing 3D Xap  یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن

2 of 81 of 87 of 8

4 of 85 of 8 Updates:
1.Fix bugs. Updates:
1. All new Painting System, Custom your car to extreme.
2. More valued promotion.
3. Fix bugs. Updates:
1.Improved graphics.
2.Fixed bugs. Updates:
1. Improved control.
2. Improved sound effect.
3. Improved graphics.
4. Fix bugs. Updates:
1. Improved the physics system
2. Fix bugs. Updates:
1. Upgraded City Visual Effects.
2. Valued promotion and VIP services
3. Fix bugs. Updates:
1.New visual effects.
2.Improved experience.
3.Fix bugs. Updates:
1.Redesigned levels.
2.Improved control.
3.Improved experience. Updates:
* Fix world rank bugs. Updates:
* Add world rank.
* Improve graphics.
The PURE REAL 3D racing experience proudly presented by Feamber! Bring racing experience to a whole new level! An unbelievable 3D racing experience in this size!

*TOP cars you love, and even more are coming!
*Worldwide cities you can race on! Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, London and even more you can explore! All with stunning 3D graphics and real scene!
*Race with all the styles you want! Classic, Elimination, 1 ON 1, or TEST Drive, just all you expected!
*Nitrogen, Drift, or you want FLY?! Race with all possibilities!
*Easy to drive! And rich to explore!
*The best racing game in slim size! Powered by Self-developed 3D Engine and Real Physics! Updates :
* Fix Bugs.
* Improve performence on 512mb devices Updates :
* 2 new Super Cool cars.
* Fix Bugs.
* Improved Payment Service.
* Support: Updates :
*4 new Super Cool cars.
*Improved visual effects.
*Fix bugs.
*New Check-in system. Updates :
*Fix a bug which causes screen lock.
*Scenes improved.
*Other bugs fixed.
*Even smaller app size!!
1. 0.0.1 Updates :
*Fix bugs.
*Improve Experience.

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City Racing 3D Xap  یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن
City Racing 3D Xap  یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن


City Racing 3D Xap  یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن

City Racing 3D Xap  یاری بۆ ویندۆزفۆن


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